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Fees and Costs

Attorney fees can be a source of concern to potential clients. We try to make the matter as simple and straightforward as possible, with clear written fee agreements. Our fee arrangements are tailored to each client. Specific fee terms are proposed only after full consultation with the client about the nature of the case and objectives of the representation.

           Generally, however, Mr. Bove's regular hourly rate is $350. Hourly rates for co-counsel, contract attorneys, paralegals or investigators are fully disclosed as applicable. A deposit is generally required at the outset of the representation, based on the minimum amount of work which appears likely. Deposits go into the firm trust account and are billed against as work is done. Any unused amounts always remain the property of the client and are returned if not used at the conclusion of the representation. Work which exceeds the deposit amount is billed to the client, usually on a monthly basis, with fully itemized invoices in billing increments of a tenth of an hou
r. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted.

            Some cases may be undertaken on a contingent or percentage fee, and other types of fee arrangements may be offered in particular cases. We generally offer a reduced hourly rate of $175 on unemployment compensation hearings. We offer a one-hour office consultation at the reduced rate of $175, payable at the time of consultation. Initial telephone consultations are fr
ee, but are not scheduled for particular times.  Please call the office at your convenience,  303-393-6666.

            Costs, which include such items as court fees, deposition and court reporter costs, copying, postage,
computerized filing, service and research charges, travel costs and other out-of-pocket expenses are always the responsibility of the client.